Monday, April 30, 2012


Okay Farrah had 2 lambs last night a black girl lamb and white boy lamb, Iris has moved into position in the barn and Hazel is right behind her - will there be another set of twins tonight? PS battery is finally charged in camera (um, actually finally found the charger) so there will be pictures tonight or tomorrow - stay tuned..

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby baa baas!

Baby Baa Baas are here! Hannah, our good mama sheep, gave birth this morning - to a boy and a girl - yet to be named. Prbably around 6am in the chaos fo the barnyard with the other sheep, jersey calf and almost year old steer. Didn't need my help - went out to milk annie and there those two little ones were - white as snow, perky little ears - still steaming from being born. Oh sweet mama Hannah great job! Pictures soon:) I promise:) 5 more mamas to go:)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Eggys! Eggys!!

Lots of yummy Eggs being delivered to City Market tomorrow (Friday). The girls are back in full force. Plenty for spring celebrations. We may start bringing the 6 packs back again. Oh and there is natural egg dyeing receipes in each box:) Sadie had fun labelling and stuffing with us.

The cutest thing right now in the hen houses...Delia walking around and saying "Eggy, Eggy, Eggy" and her big sister following and catching the eggs and putting them gingerly back in the basket. When one drops, and breaks - usually in the barn with one of our mascot chickens "Pearl" - Delia goes "Oh-Uh eggy." And then points "Eggy mama Eggy mama". Sadie patiently waits and lets Delia find the eggys where Pearl tucks them in the cow barn - behind a piece of wood - every morning. "Eggy, Eggy, Eggy" The girls are saving Pearl's eggs to dye for Easter.
Love. Love. Love. these two little girls.