Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rain and very scary looking storms

We had a bunch of rain yesterday - rained non stop all morning while I picked 40 lbs of snow peas (which is a lot because they are very light). Today, we played with friends up North and then came home to nap (well Sadie napped for 45 minutes while I tried to do paperwork) and then it started to get stormy - we think NY side got the brunt of it - it sure looked gnarly and scary. All the seeds we planted this week - winter squash, beans, flowers and potatoes should be really well drenched.

Speaking of drenched - Adam found some nice grey clay while digging a hole for a bird that passed away. This clay we will use for our earthen oven which we hope to start to build very soon. Tomorrow we have market and the market on Saturday in Grand Isle was cancelled due to the holiday (which is a bit of a bummer because people still need to eat and the veggies don't know its a holiday) oh well - we have a TON of peas to pick - all varities sugar snap, snow, and english shelling peas - oy, my back...

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