Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Rain, Peas and Dancing

Hi - Sadie, CSA Member Gale and Christine just finished picking 92 lbs of shelling peas - we pooped Sadie out and funny thing is that we did not even finish the bed of peas?! With all this cool, wet weather we have great peas - I don't even want to think about the snow peas and the last bits of sugar snap. We will have a lot for sale at market tomorrow - let's just hope for some sun in the afternoon at least - Sadie and I are going to market ourselves because has to work off the farm tomorrow. We can do it though:)

Adam swapped days to work so he could go see Dan Zanes with us at the Waterfront well now Memorial. At least we will be dry, hopefully there will be plenty of room to dance - I am about to finish a pair of dancing pants for Ms Sadie pants - I will post a picture soon. Enjoy the puddles! And thanks Gale for singing songs to Sadie :)


  1. Sadie- Good job helping out on the farm! I bet you love those peas! I will try to pray to mother nature about this rain!! It is like the end of the world down here in Boston- It stopped for 1 day- yesterday and now we are right back to where we were last week - cold hard rain!! If I saw the sun I wouldn't recognize it!

  2. Sadie is such a doll!! Wish we were getting some of that rain... 102 degrees and no measurable rain for weeks...I'm getting tired of it!